Work Methodology


screenshot-221699704754.png1. Requirement Analysis:

We compile all the data obtained from our customers and carry out a complete analysis to find possibilities in existing business processes, to take into account the current processes and technologies of our customers and how they can interact with future design. And how we can deliver faster thereby minimizing the lead time to market.
Goal: User Story Development and User Journey mapping.

screenshot-231699704754.png2. Designing
We Build a holistic and appropriate solution delivery architecture, prioritizing activities into three classes Vital, Relevant & Optional on the nature of business requirements and current investments. And then design the workflows, mock-ups and high-fidelity prototypes to support the need and visualise the application and make sure it is as per the idea of our customer.
Goal: Wireframing, Designing, Mock-ups, User story enablement handoffs for development.

screenshot-241699704754.png3. Architecture
Our process of software design and architecture is usually separated into four views: conceptual, module, execution, and code. This separation is based on our study of the software architectures of large systems, and on our experience designing and reviewing software architectures. We architect the solution as per the requirements & design so that the application supports all the requirements and is easy to scale. We provide a project plan focused on compliance guidelines and best practices in the industry, using change management to ensure adequate management, efficient communication, and contingency planning.
Goal:Define user stories technically. Finalise the technical requirements.

screenshot-251699704754.png4. Development
Develop a project plan with comprehensive implementation criteria, consideration of resource mapping, scheduling, and execution of processes. All the mock-up's and workflows are converted into pieces for development. We select features as per the priority and start developing upon the language required and agreed on. Monitor the progress continuously through the development period.
Goal: Plan, Execute, Monitor.

screenshot-261699704755.png5. Staging Release
We enable a staging environment for the initial release to make sure the application is coming up as we planned. Here we test and rigorously roll out features so that the application is tested with all criteria's, bug -free and make sure we achieve the business needs. And make the application Production ready.
Goal: Testing, Playground to evaluate all the scenarios for a robust application.

screenshot-271699704755.png6. CI/CD With Testing
At Codeyme Technologies, CI/CD pipeline is in practice to build efficient- application while reducing risk and time in the lifecycle of software development.
Goal: Minimise Bugs, Robust testing, Feature Integrations.

screenshot-281699704755.png  7. Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance covers the entire process of the development cycle with both Functional testing and Non Functional testing to make sure that a product has met its specification in the topmost quality possible along with the business requirements of the client.
Goal: To deliver bug-free application.

screenshot-291699704755.png8. Going Live & Monitoring
At Codeyme Technologies, we ensure that before the application is published, a load test and Performance test is performed on all parts of your environment to ensure that the current architecture setup meets the metrics.
Goal:Production Release & Monitoring.

screenshot-301699704756.png9. Maintenance & Security Monitoring
Our periodic check-ups of all systems and networking devices ensure that appropriate logs are being aggregated to a central log management system for analysis and review.
Goal: Monitoring, Log Management.

screenshot-311699704756.png10. Support, Enhancements & Optimizations
Formal handoff of the project back to key stakeholders, with agreed ongoing support and planned re-evaluations to ensure successful delivery & optimization of the solution offered.
Goal: Delivery, Handoff's, Handover, Restart.


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